Dear Sir or Madam,


We are a family-owned company dealing with the construction of detached houses/segments. We have 15 years of experience in the construction industry. Our first home was built in 2002. Up to now, more than 25 buildings of different types have come from our hands.

The current scale of our activity is about 1-3 homes per year. Depending on the amount of capital the future investor would like us to entrust, we are able to build up to 20-25 homes per year.

We have the knowledge, experience, skills and contacts necessary in the construction industry to effectively expand our business.

So far we have invested mainly in the Opolskie and Dolnośląskie voivodships in Poland, but we do not exclude the consideration of other investment areas.

We are looking for an investor willing to entrust us his capital in exchange for a stake in our company. The amount of shares we would like to give back depends on how much the future investor would like us to trust. We do not exclude the sale of up to 80% of shares.

We invite you to view the gallery of our sample projects where we show step by step how we build our houses.





Samples calculations for raw state, 120m2, two floors house:
(It's a perfect house for 4 people - 2 parents and 2 kids)
Building plot - 20 000 euro
Materials - 15 000 euro
Labor - 5 000 euro
Totally - 40 000 euro
We usually selling this type of house for 60 000 euro
Profit: 20 000 euro - 5 000 euro (Taxes) = 15 000 euro

Time to build - 80 days


1 000 000 euro / 40 000 euro = 25 buildings
25 buildings x 15 000 euro = 375 000 euro
For example: 80% of 375 000 euro is for you, 20% is for us.


The whole investment should return to you in 2-3 a years and after that investors will start to earn.